Monday, November 28, 2016

November 28th - Tip of the Week

File Upload Question Type Now Available

You can now have the user of your form upload a file as an answer to a question.  You may notice at first this question-type is grayed out.  That is because your form must be set for only Liberty Center users.  Once this setting is checked, file upload should be an option when you are choosing a question type.

What does this mean?
  • You can collect any sort of a file from students through a form.  
  • File types include doc, sheet, presentation, drawing, pdf, image, video, and audio.   
  • If a drive file is submitted, it is actually a copy of the owner's file so you will not be able to see additional changes after the upload.  You are the owner of the copy.  They are the owner of the original.
  • The copy of the file is automatically stored in a folder in your drive named with the title of the question that was used.  
  • You can locate this folder in the responses tab of your form responses.
  • You can retrieve a link to each file submitted in the spreadsheet that is created from the form responses.
  • At this point, users cannot upload a folder or more than one file.  You would need a question for each file you would like submitted.
  • This could be used as a way for you to collect a project and then share it out to the class.  You could quickly copy the links in the spreadsheet that is created for you and share those to the class so that students can see each others' projects.   Or, if there is no other private information collected, just share the spreadsheet with your class.
Lots of potential.  Try it out and see how you like it.

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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Tip of the Week November 21, 2016

Thanks so much to all of our presenters this morning.  If you didn't have a chance, please fill out this evaluation to help with future PD decision-making.   Nov. 21 Evaluation

Take time to get connected over break

As you relax and enjoy your break, take some time to get connected.  Here is a list from Matt Miller of 50 people and hashtags to follow on twitter.  Don't have an account?  Sign up now!  It's a great opportunity to see what other educators are doing and steal a few ideas!
50 people and hashtags you MUST check out on Twitter

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December Update

Monday, November 14, 2016

Friday, November 11, 2016

Tip of the Week - November 7, 2016

Did you know?
  • Classes on your homepage are arranged in the order that you have created them.  At this time, you are not able to change the order of classes.
  • One way to easily find your classes is by bookmarking a class.  Open the class and then click the star in the omnibox.  You CAN rearrange bookmarks.  Put all of your classes in one folder on your bookmarks bar and then arrange them in the order that you like.  Access your classes through the bookmarked folder.
  • As you meet with parents for conferences, remember that you can allow them to receive notifications to your Google Classroom by going to the Students tab and then turning on "Include this class" in the Guardian Summaries box on the left.  
  • You can change the name of a class at anytime.  Go to the Classroom homepage and click the three dots next to the name in order to edit.
  • You can still REUSE assignments from archived classes.  If you are starting a new class for this new quarter, archive your 1st quarter class so that students no longer see it on their page.  You will still be able to reuse post (assignments) from your archived class for your 2nd quarter class.  

The new Google Sites is suppose to be released this week...stay tuned!

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Google Classroom Updates

As promised, Google has updated Classroom with parent notifications just in time for school! Parents and guardians can now be invited to receive Google Classroom email summaries. Summaries can be received daily or weekly and will include students' upcoming or missing work as well as assignments and other items recently posted to the stream.  Click here to see an example of an email that a guardian might receive.

Another exciting update that will help improve the stream is the ability to assign topics (tags) to assignments. Students will then be able to filter items in the stream by topic. Topics might include unit names, skills, type of work, or anything else that would help your students find material more easily.   At this point, it seems teachers are not able to tag by multiple topics, just one.

If you would like to see an improvement to Google Classroom, be sure to request it by clicking on the question mark in the bottom left-hand corner and then choosing Send Feedback.

See other August updates here.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Google Classroom Tips

If you haven't been into your Google Classroom in awhile and are looking for a quick refresher, here are some tips that cover some of the more common actions you might want to take as you begin to add content.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Other Helpful Tools

PDF Mergy:  Need to print several google docs at once?  Merge the docs into a single pdf with this tool and only click print once.   Enter your students' names into this spreadsheet and use this tool to group students or choose a random name.  Lots of other uses for flippity tools too!

Google Keep - No need to worry about where that sticky note or little slip of paper went.  Use Google Keep to secure all of your lists and notes.  

Timer:  Countdown, alarm, and stopwatch features.  It will continue running in a tab as you are working on other things and alert you with sound as well as a blinking stop button on the tab.

Google Docs Voice Typing - type and edit a document by speaking into Google Docs

YouTube Full Fill - This extension will give you a new link for a youtube video that just shows the video you selected.  No other videos, adds, etc. from the page will show.  

INFOhio:  Even Infohio has an app!

Chrome Virtual Keyboard:  Not all websites are compatible with this extension.  If the site supports the onscreen keyboard it will show up automatically when your cursor is in a location you can type.  

You AND your students could benefit from these...

Grammarly - Web-based spell and grammar check.  

Move It - Move it can be set to alert you at pre-determined intervals to get up and move.  It will provide a random exercise for you to complete before returning to your work.

Time Stats - Time stats can help you to see how much time you are spending on different tasks.  It will track the time you spend on each website and will show those results in a pie graph.  

Side by Side -  This is will allow you to right-click on any link and have it open on the right side of the screen.  This is an easy way to see two websites side by side.

Google Black Menu Use this instead of opening up a new tab and clicking on your waffle.  You can determine which Google Apps are on your black menu as well as the order that they are listed in. It is a quick way to access your favorites.  

Add to Google Drive - Found an image or want to remember a neat website?  Save web content directly to your google drive.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Chrome Extensions for Teachers

Draftback -  Looking to see what that student was really typing when you were on the other side of the room?  Draftback allows you to replay the entire revision history of a document.  

Awesome Drive  allows you to edit and automatically sync your Microsoft Office documents in your Google Drive.  

Share to Classroom:  allows you to push web content directly to your students computers (if they are logged into your classroom) or create an assignment for later.  

SnagIt - Use SnagIt to take a screenshot, video, or picture of a smaller area on your screen.  If your video is under 20 seconds, you can even turn it into a gif if you like!

One Tab - Use OneTab to share a collection of websites with students or colleagues.  All websites you designate will open up as a list in a tab.  

Drive 20 - Open up 20 google docs at once, without having to click on each individual document.  

Chrome Extensions for Struggling Students

Google Read and Write will read text aloud on web pages as well as Google Docs.  Premium features allow for highlighting and notetaking as well as the creation of vocabulary lists and picture dictionaries from words that are identified within the text.  Teachers can have a FREE premium version. 

Readability helps to eliminate extra text and distractions on the page so that students can focus on the content.

BeeLine Reader uses a color gradient to guide your eyes from the end of one line to the beginning of the next.

Easy Reader will simplify a portion of a web page that you select.

Read with Magic Scroll declutters the web page and turns it into a scrolling book.

Google Docs Highlighter Add-On - Create and share custom highlighters that can be designated for specific categories.  Highlights can be exported to a separate document.