Thursday, April 7, 2016

Chrome Extensions for Teachers

Draftback -  Looking to see what that student was really typing when you were on the other side of the room?  Draftback allows you to replay the entire revision history of a document.  

Awesome Drive  allows you to edit and automatically sync your Microsoft Office documents in your Google Drive.  

Share to Classroom:  allows you to push web content directly to your students computers (if they are logged into your classroom) or create an assignment for later.  

SnagIt - Use SnagIt to take a screenshot, video, or picture of a smaller area on your screen.  If your video is under 20 seconds, you can even turn it into a gif if you like!

One Tab - Use OneTab to share a collection of websites with students or colleagues.  All websites you designate will open up as a list in a tab.  

Drive 20 - Open up 20 google docs at once, without having to click on each individual document.  

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