Monday, April 11, 2016

Other Helpful Tools

PDF Mergy:  Need to print several google docs at once?  Merge the docs into a single pdf with this tool and only click print once.   Enter your students' names into this spreadsheet and use this tool to group students or choose a random name.  Lots of other uses for flippity tools too!

Google Keep - No need to worry about where that sticky note or little slip of paper went.  Use Google Keep to secure all of your lists and notes.  

Timer:  Countdown, alarm, and stopwatch features.  It will continue running in a tab as you are working on other things and alert you with sound as well as a blinking stop button on the tab.

Google Docs Voice Typing - type and edit a document by speaking into Google Docs

YouTube Full Fill - This extension will give you a new link for a youtube video that just shows the video you selected.  No other videos, adds, etc. from the page will show.  

INFOhio:  Even Infohio has an app!

Chrome Virtual Keyboard:  Not all websites are compatible with this extension.  If the site supports the onscreen keyboard it will show up automatically when your cursor is in a location you can type.  

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